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FertileDirt™ Team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cost segregation?

    • Simply put, farmers (or investors) purchasing farmland and heirs who inherit farmland with stepped-up to fair market value cost-basis may segregate their acquisition cost between its infertile dirt and the amount of fertilizer contained within their soil.

    • You must be the farmland owner to benefit.

  • What can we do for you?

    • Once engaged by you and/or your CPA or tax advisor, we will employ our tax and soil science expertise using our FertileDirt™ program developed in-house to efficiently and expediently render our study cost segregating the amount of fertilizer contained within your farmland purchased or inherited available for a tax write-off, depending on your particular facts and circumstances.

  • When should you contact us?

    • Now if you recently purchased or inherited farmland;

    • Now if you will be purchasing or inheriting farmland this year; or

    • Now if you purchased or inherited farmland within the past few years. Like building cost segs, working with your CPA or tax advisor, we would advocate the ability to reach back and catch up missed prior depreciation/amortization resulting in such accumulated multi-year write-offs claimed in the year of our study assuming old soil tests and other relevant data is still available (going back to perhaps as early as 2004).

  • Maintaining your privacy is paramount:

    • We maintain a strict privacy policy.

    • We will never share your personal and contact information with anyone.

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    • To request further information: Contact Us.

  • After you contact us, when can you expect to get our report?

    • Of course it is preferred you contact us as soon as you purchase or inherit farmland, or intend to do so.

    • The only way we can assist you or your tax advisor is if you contact us; thereafter

    • We will formally engage with you in a two-phase process diligently working to deliver our study and FertileDirt™ cost segregation report within a few weeks depending on your need and circumstances prioritized as appropriate given any time constraints we cannot control.