The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

—Albert Einstein, physicist

Parameters for the Curious

The following simplistic computational data engine allows a user to input average soil sample test result index values.  User inputs below convert soil test index values to its quantitative equivalent into pounds (lbs.) per acre valued at the then current prices.  These back-end program parameters may only represent farmland soil situated in in the United States Southeastern Seaboard coastal plain area; given its obvious limitations, entering varying inputs below may only be an indicator of the potential range of fertility values available for cost segregation.  But certainly one can't expect this shortcut absent other required key computational data and comprehensive reasoning enough to lend results constituting supporting evidence.  However, soil fertility levels dervied from our studies might indicate the following range a representative sample of average soil test result index values:

1 6 66 70 56 12 28 38 35 46
2 16 89 97 52 20 39 144 50 57

*Price data based on USDA averages for only a few select fertilizers from 1995-2006.

CAUTION for the Curious

The computational data engine allowing user inputs above on this page is for educational and informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal or tax advice or opinion. This page simply calculates estimated fertilizer nutrient dollar values given a user's average inputs, which is certainly not comprehensive or scientific; as such it absolutely may not be relied upon. Additionally, the data and information given here may not be current, nor does it consider a user's particular situation; therefore, we make no guarantees for its accuracy and you may not rely on it for any purposes whatsoever. Persons who may benefit from this relatively complex and emerging field of study, including their CPA or tax advisor whom we are accustomed to and encourgage working with, desiring further assistance should Contact Us.